Development of Inspection Procedures

The inspection procedures is technical standards for non-destructive testing and is intended for permanent use in the control area. The inspection procedures include characteristics of identifiable defect, conditions, volume and clearance procedure of control, requirements for control tools, quality control standards, requirements for presentation of control results, etc. According to regulatory requirements, inspection procedures should be developed for all monitored objects at the company. The need for the development of inspection procedures may be related to the lack of a clear description of control technology in regulatory documents, the use of new one or non-standard customizes equipment.

All developed and supplied by the laboratory products are certified measuring instrument by the Russian Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology.



Laboratory experts provide services in developing inspection procedures for non-destructive laser ultrasonic testing at various monitored objects at various areas, including oil and gas industry, waste treatment facilities, civil and military aviation industry, space industry, shipbuilding, power economy indystry, real estate development, etc. Laboratory experts have practical experience in developing NDT inspection procedures in various industries.