Automated Instrumentation and Control Systems

Laser Optoacoustic Laboratory has been actively involved with the development of automated instrumentation and control systems. Laboratory experts have acquired considerable experience in implementing various automated systems (including engineered ones) for laser ultrasound and optoacoustic testing.

Laser Optoacoustic Laboratory's main developments regarding the automated systems for nondestractive testing are:
  • nondestructive testing systems designet to control complex shape objects with surface tracking according to the CAD model,

  • nondestructive testing systems designed to control designed to control both flat and cylindrical / conical samples,

  • nondestructive testing systems with vacuum cups designed to control flat large areas with the implicit installation of a scanning system on a controlled investigated surfaces at any angle,

  • data processing, storage, and representation systems.

Laboratory experts are skilled in industrial electronics, robotics technology, software, radiation control and measurement systems.