• OA and LU tomography of needle insertion into a blood vessel
  • OA tomography of human breast cancer
The short duration and high quality of laser excited ultrasonic pulses make it possible to measure the velocity of ultrasonic waves with precision accuracy on a small basis (the statistical spread of measurements exceeds 5x10 -4 with a path length more than 2 mm.
Local elastic modulus can be calculated with from known density and measured velocities of longitudinal and shear ultrasonic waves in the case of one-sided access to investigated object by using transducer with pitch-catch configuration (PLU-6N-02).
Residual stresses distribution can be calculated with measuring the variation of the velocity of longitudinal and surface ultrasonic waves in the case of one-sided access to investigated object by using transducer with pitch-catch configuration (PLU-6N-02).
  • LU evaluation of composites integrated structures. CFRC stringers part
  • LU impact failures evaluation of CFRC
  • LU evaluation of CFRC sheets joints delamination
  • LU layer-to-layer analysis of a composites
Laser ultrasonic method of composite materials porosity diagnostics based on the analysis of a scattered optoacoustic signals in the sample in the case of one-sided access. Ultrasonic attenuation due to porosity could be measured by the laser ultrasonic spectroscopy.
  • LU profilometry of a smooth surface
  • LU profilometry of a rough surface (С-С composites)
  • LU profilometry of complex shape solids
  • LU profilometry of thermal-protective coatings
  • Complex Surface Monitoring Systems
The laser ultrasonic beam has no side lobes that provides clear image of ribs failures. As well as this method allows to control the hard-to-reach areas of turbine blades and to detect micro-defects in these areas.
Laser-ultrasound monitoring of isotropic pyrographite (IPG) have been developed. Method allows to detect carbon black inclusions and anisotropic pyrographite inclusions (APG) in IPG.
Nondestructive evaluation of honeycomb structures is performed by automated laser ultrasound monitoring system with focused transducer PLU-6F-01.
New contact technique for friction stir welding (FSW) evaluation using laser ultrasound allows to estimate the quality of the joint local area in comparison with welding-free zone of an object. In this method pitch and catch configuration of wideband transducer (PLU-6N-02) was used for experimental investigations and tests with a number of aluminum weld joints.
  • Measurement of material local density and porosity of С-С composites
  • Measurement of material local density and porosity of thermal-protective coating
Laser-ultrasound diagnostics based on structurometric analysis does not have world analogues and is one of the effective tools for preventing emergency situations associated with the ejection and catastrophic fracture of rails. The technique provides high accuracy of measurements of sound velocity by time-of-flight method (± 1% with a spread of 0.05%), the possibility of detecting small defects (~ 300 μm) and the practical absence of a dead band.
The advantage of CLUE is the possibility to distinguish the acoustic wave reflection at the soft or rigid boundary. This feature can be effectively used for the investigation of disbonding in laminate structures.
Laser-ultrasound method is successfully used for ceramic meterials. The method makes it possible to determine large inhomogeneities, the heterogeneity of the structure and porosity of the ceramic.