Defectoscope UDL-2M

UDL-2M laser-ultrasonic defectoscope is designed for precise measurements of the speed of longitudinal ultrasonic waves in samples of various structural materials (metals, alloys, ceramics, plastics, composite materials) with one-sided access to the investigated object.

The system consist of optoelectronic unit (which includes laser and ADC), broadband optoacoustic transducers PLU-6P-02 (main), PLU-6N-02 (optional), specialized software.

Contact laser ultrasonic method (on the basis of which the UDL-2M operates) based on the following principles:

  • DPSS Q-switched laser pulse is absorbed in optoacoustic generator.
  • Emitted wideband probe ultrasonic pulse propagates to investigated sample.
  • Probe pulse is scattered at the sample’s inner structures.
  • Wideband piezotransducer detects backscattered ultrasound waves.
  • Backscattered signals contain the information about the sample, namely, on the acoustic properties of different inner structures of the sample.