LIBRARY.UA, 18.06.2014

Problems. Search. Solutions. Laser optic-acoustic tomography of cancer. Annually in Russia more than 400 thousand people get cancer. Untimely diagnosis of this disease leads to the fact that in many cases malignant neoplasms are found in 3-4 stages when expensive combined treatment is required, which unfortunately despite the efforts of doctors often does not give a positive result. The scale of the problem dictates the search for effective early detection tools available to most of the country's population. And we are talking primarily about the use in medicine of laser information technologies, or more precisely, laser opto-acoustic tomography (LOAT). With the help of this method unlike existing ones it is possible to detect and diagnose neoplasms at the earliest stages (at a size of less than 3 mm) and large depths (up to 70 mm). Other advantages are the lack of ionizing radiation and real-time operation with a significant frame update rate. The LOAT is quite competitive with ultrasonic scanners at a cost while providing a higher contrast (20-50 times).

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