All developed and supplied by the laboratory products are certified measuring instrument by the Russian Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology. Laser untrasound defectoscope UDL-2M is designed to measure the speed of longitudinal ultrasonic waves in various construction materials samples (metals, alloys, ceramics, plastics, composite materials, etc.) with unilateral access to the object of inspection.


The laboratory developed a number of techniques for the production of measurements approved by the Ruassian State Service of Standard Reference Data:
  • Method of experimental determination of the temperature of the investigated objects up to 105 K with nanosecond time resolution with special calibration of the pyrometer path.
  • The method of obtaining nanoparticles and nanostructuring the surface of a substance to be treated by laser ablation in a condensed medium.
  • Method for studying P-T diagrams of metals in a wide range of thermodynamic parameters.
  • The method of studying laser-induced supercritical, metastable and labile states of metals.
  • The method of experimental determination of the metal density at an extremely high level of thermodynamic parameters: pressure P ~ 3 GPa, temperature up to ~ 105 K.
  • Technique of experimental determination of sound velocity and internal stresses in structural materials by laser-induced ultrasound.
  • Method for the experimental determination of the optical properties of metals (reflective, emissivity) in near and supercritical regions.